Update Notice…We’ll be updating our site IP Address

If you’ve had a Custom Page for your Facebook Fan Page created by us, please take note.

On September 10, 2011, we will be changing our server IP numbers in preparation of installing the SSL Certificate that is now required by Facebook for all servers running apps in their environment. THIS MAY CAUSE YOUR CUSTOM PAGE ON FACEBOOK TO GO DOWN FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME.

Once the IP address has been changed we will be starting the process of installing and implementing the SSL Certificate at a later date. This will give us time to verify the IP change-over went smoothly. At this time we do not expect any issues or “outages” but we will keep you informed if any concerns should arise.

As for those of you who may still have a custom page in the old FBML format, please be aware that Facebook will no longer support those pages after October 1st. This means your page may not work as intended or expected – especially videos. You’ll need to have your pages updated to the supported “iFrame” format.

If you have any questions, or if you’re unsure which format your current custom page is in, feel free to contact us.

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