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If You’re Not Creating A
TRUE ‘Sense Of Urgency’
On Your Sales/Squeeze Pages, You’re Leaving Money On The Table.

Create a true sense of urgency and excitement for your products with a Discount Timer!

Studies show time and time again that a sense of urgency vastly improves sales and conversion rates. If you’re not at least trying to trigger the emotions of your site visitors, you’re obviously NOT serious about making money online and this is NOT for you so go ahead and leave the page now. No hard feelings. 🙂

Now, we’re not talking about the typical Countdown timer we’ve all seen a million times on various websites. Almost every single time, once the timer hits zero… nothing happens. No price increase, no page content changes, NOTHING. News Flash: Savvy online shoppers have caught on.

This is called False Urgency and it typically goes against most payment processors’ terms and usage agreements. Vendors have had their offers deactivated, and in some extreme cases, their accounts terminated due to “False Urgency” or “False Scarcity” practices. Don’t let this happen to you!

The Discount Timer goes a few steps beyond your typical countdown timer. Best of all, we build it specifically for YOUR product, with YOUR color specifications, and using YOUR payment links.

With the Discount Timer you can actually have two BuyNow buttons with very different prices on your page – one for a “discounted” price, and one for the “regular” price. Each payment button is individually displayed or hidden for you automatically. Once the timer hits zero, the “discount” price is no longer available and site visitors are charged the “regular” price. No False Urgency Here!

What about those “Deal Seekers” who refuse to buy at “regular” prices? We’ve kept those people in mind! Instead of losing the sale entirely, the Discount Timer resets itself when the page is refreshed or revisited. After-all, it’s better to make a little money from a discounted sale than no money at all, right?

We’ve all heard the saying “The Money Is In The List”… so we’ve also added the ability to include an opt in box using YOUR opt-in code to help you build your mailing list!

Here’s what it does….

  • When the timer comes into “view” on the visitor’s browser, it activates and appears to be calculating a discount.
  • The visitor is informed of their discount and a payment button appears offering the discounted price. There’s also a countdown timer indicating how long this offer is available.
  • You determine the Total Amount of Time for the discount. “Time’s Almost Up” warning image appears halfway through the total time count down.
  • When time has expired, the discount area and payment button is hidden and a payment button with the “regular” price is displayed.
  • OPTIONAL: You may choose to have an opt in box to help build your mailing list.
  • This can be a “stand alone” page or added to an existing sales/squeeze page.

Now, Click The Big Demo Button
And Watch The Discount Timer In Action!

Demo opens in a new browser window. For the purposes of this page, the timer is set
for 30 seconds with a “Times Up Warning” appearing after 15 seconds.


  • For WordPress Sites
  • Text Color as well as the color of the timer numbers to be determined by vendor.
  • “Calculating Discount” – Delay time can be altered. Currently set to 5 seconds.
  • Yellow Highlighted Sections indicate content to be supplied by vendor. Highlighting will be removed unless otherwise requested.
  • Product Image such as ebook cover or video still image to be supplied by vendor
  • Payment Button Code (discounted and regular price) to be supplied by vendor
  • Total Amount of Time to be determined by vendor. Minimum amount of time is 1 minute. “Time’s Almost Up” warning image appears halfway through the total time count down.
  • Opt In Box is optional. Opt in code to be supplied by vendor.
  • Installation involves uploading and activating a plugin into WordPress and adding the code to a new page or into a location on an existing page. Installation can be done by vendor or by PineconeComputing.
    Installation by PineconeComputing offered at an additional $10
  • Additional Customization is available upon request at an additional charge.

How Much?

For $30.00 You Get The Plugin + Developement + “Done-For-You” Code
For $40.00 You Get All Of the Above + Installation
* Prices are on a “per timer” basis. Cost for Additional Customization varies for each request – amount depends on specifications.

How To Order:

To order, send an email to webmasterATpineconecomputing.com.