WordPress Countdown Timer Plugin


This plugin lets you add a countdown timer to a WordPress page. Just install the plugin, then add a countdown timer to the page via a shortcode.

shortcode: [countdowntimer id=”id of this timer” attributes=’…’]


id: unique timer id. if you embed two or more timers, they should all have a unique id.

theme: theme1 | theme2 | theme3 | theme4 | theme5

starts: date/time when timer starts ( mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss ) | ‘firstvisit’ | ‘pageload’
{ if firstvisit is specified, the timer will ONLY be displayed during the time period specified in ‘ends’. After the timer expires, the timer WILL NO LONGER present itself….even on subsequent visits to the page. The timer end date/time should be specified as an integer value (see ends attribute). }
{ if ‘pageload’ is specified, the timer will start when the page loads and expire the number of minutes as specified in the ends attribute. }

ends: date/time when timer expires ( mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss ) |
tomorrow | today |
{ if starts = ‘firstvisit’ ends = number of days until expiration },
{ if starts = ‘pageload’ ends = number of minutes until expiration }

color: font color of digits ( accepts hex code or color string )

labelcolor: font color of labels

background: background color to use. | ‘twotone’ (when theme2 selected)
default – transparent. If ‘twotone’ used, background is two-tone gray.

fontsize: size of the digits ( eg. ’12pt’, ’24px’, ‘2em’ )

hideday: hide the days. default is false. NOTE: only works with theme4

hidehour: hide the days. default is false. NOTE: only works with theme4 and in addition will also hide days

labels: hide or show labels. default is true

showwhencounting: jquery selector id or class (#id | .class)

hidewhencounting: jquery selector id of class (#id | .class)

hidewhendone: jquery selector id of class (#id | .class)

showwhendone: jquery selector id of class (#id | .class)

redirect: URL. when timer expires, the page redirects to the specified URL

delay number of seconds to delay before counter starts

view display/start timer immediately or when id of element specified in view attribute scrolls into view (jquery selector id of class (#id | .class))
default – ”

cookiename: name of the cookie used if starts=’firstvisit’. This cookie holds the expiration date of the timer. The expiration date is determined by adding the value (in days ) of the ends attribute to the current date.



Install the plugin as you would any WordPress plugin. Go to the plugins page, then add new, click the upload button, select the “.ZIP” file you downloaded, then click Install. Once the plugin is installed and activated, you can add timers to your pages by entering a shortcode. See below for examples of how to use the countdown timer shortcode.



[countdowntimer id=’timer1′ ends=’today’ theme=’theme1’]

settings: theme=’theme1′


[countdowntimer id=’timer2′ ends=’today’ theme=’theme2’]

settings: theme=’theme2′


[countdowntimer id=’timer3′ ends=’today’ theme=’theme3’]

settings: theme=’theme3′


[countdowntimer id=’timer4′ ends=’today’ theme=’theme4’]

settings: theme=’theme4′


[countdowntimer id=’timer5′ ends=’today’ theme=’theme5’]
settings: theme=’theme5′

red color

[countdowntimer id=’timer6′ ends=’today’ theme=’theme5′ color=’red’]

settings: theme=’theme5′,color=’red’

two tone background

[countdowntimer id=’timer7′ ends=’today’ theme=’theme2′ background=’twotone’]

settings: theme=’theme2′,background=’twotone’ ( twotone background attribute only works with theme 2 )

blue color, bigger font

[countdowntimer id=’timer8′ ends=’today’ theme=’theme5′ color=’#000088′ fontsize=’68px;]

settings: theme=’theme5′,color=’#000088′,fontsize=’68px’

two-tone, bigger font in points

[countdowntimer id=’timer9′ ends=’today’ theme=’theme2′ background=’twotone’ color=’#FFFFFF’ fontsize=’68pt;]

settings: theme=’theme2′,color=’#FFFFFF’,fontsize=’68pt’,background=’twotone’

ends tomorrow, blue color, bigger font

[countdowntimer id=’timer10′ ends=’tomorrow’ theme=’theme5′ color=’#000088′ font-size=’68pt’]
settings: theme=’theme5′,end=’tomorrow’ color=’#000088, fontsize=’68pt’

specific end date and time

[countdowntimer id=’timer11′ ends=’12/31/2020 23:59:59′ theme=’theme5′ color=’#000088’]

settings: theme=’theme5′,end=’12/31/2020 23:59:59′ color=’#000088′

days field hidden

[countdowntimer id=’timer12′ ends=’12/31/2020 23:59:59′ theme=’theme4′ color=’#000088′ hideday=’true’ fontsize=’48pt’]

settings: theme=’theme5′,ends=’12/31/2020 23:59:59′ color=’#000088′, hideday=’true’, fontsize=’48pt’

red label color

[countdowntimer id=’timer13′ ends=’12/31/2020 23:59:59′ theme=’theme4′ color=’#000088′ hideday=’true’ fontsize=’48pt’ labelcolor=’#CC0000’]

settings: theme=’theme4′,ends=’12/31/2020 23:59:59′ color=’#000088′, hideday=’true’, fontsize=’48pt’, labelcolor=’#CC0000′

starts when scrolled into view, delays 10 seconds, expires 30 seconds, hides red block and displays message.

[countdowntimer id=’timer14′ starts=’pageload’ delay=’10’ ends=’30s’ hideday=’true’ theme=’theme4′ color=’#000088′ fontsize=’32pt’ showwhendone=’#message14′ hidewhendone=’#redblock14′ showwhencounting=’#redblock14′ labels=’false’ view=’scroll’]

settings: theme=’theme4′, delay=’10’, starts=’pageload’, ends=’30s’, hideday=’true’,color=’#000088′, fontsize=’32pt’, labelcolor=’#CC0000′, showwhendone=’#message14′, showwhencounting=’#redblock14′, hidewhendone=’#redblock14′, label=’false, view=’#timer14′