ClickBank Update

Beginning July 23, 2012, ClickBank is requiring that all new products submitted for approval include a disclaimer on their Pitch Page(s) and Thank You Page(s) making it clear that ClickBank is the retailer for all transactions. You will need to add this footer in order to have the product approved. To generate the footer for your pages, please use the following steps:

Log into ClickBank account

Click on the Account Settings tab.

Click on the My Site link under the Account Settings tab.

Find the Pitch/Thank You Page Footer Editor Control and click the red link “Click here to create the required footer!”
On the editor page, choose; font, font size, language, font color, and background color.

Once you are satisfied with the required footer appearance, right-click on the box containing the JavaScript. Select copy from the pop-up menu that appears. This will copy the JavaScript to your clipboard.
Click on Save & Exit.

The JavaScript that you copied in step #6 can be pasted to the appropriate location on your Pitch and Thank You Pages based on the type of HTML page setup you have. Some suggestions of more popular page types are provided in the Help Center Article.

Implementation on your site needs to be visible to obtain final product approval.

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